Welcome to the Neue deutsche Medienmacher

(New German Media Professionals)

We are a nationwide non-profit association of journalists with diverse backgrounds and competences as well as language skills. As the only interest group of this kind, we are committed to furthering diversity in the media – both in front of the cameras and microphones and behind the scenes, on the editorial as well as the executive level. Our projects seek to:

  • ensure that balanced and nuanced media coverage on issues of diversity, migration and integration becomes a matter of course
  • increase the appreciation and the support for diversity and intercultural competences within the media
  • foster a culture of recognition that values the potentials of a diverse society

For a better media coverage.

Our Projects


Local networks

We are an organisation with local networks all over the country, where journalists with and without so-called “migrant backgrounds” come together to network, exchange ideas and support each other. If you’re looking for a group close to you, look for us at www.neuemedienmacher.de.

Knowledge Transfer

Intercultural skills in journalism are becoming more and more important. By evaluating television or radio programmes and printed news articles, we aim to promote awareness for integrative reporting and diversity strategies in the media. And we are happy to share our expertise.

Mentoring programme

We have been supporting young journalists from immigrant families and exiled journalists to gain a foothold within the German media by providing training workshops and seminars, and by pairing the members of our mentoring programme with established journalists in the country’s leading media institutions. Since 2010 we have thus helped to promote the media careers of many journalists. » More Information

Vielfaltfinder – Our database of experts

Our database of experts lists hundreds of ethnically diverse professionals and specialists. Newsrooms looking for an expert to comment on an issue or to explain a complex subject can access our database free of charge and not only find diverse expertise, but also help to increase diversity in the German media by relying on these experts. www.vielfaltfinder.de


As journalists, we sometimes grope for the right word or simply use the wrong term, because it’s been used so many times before. Our Glossary with new terms and expressions for an immigrant society is meant as a guide for journalists. You can obtain a free copy from us or access it on our website: glossar.neuemedienmacher.de


In 2009, we launched the 15-month training project “Bi-cultural Cross-media Journalism” in cooperation with Bildungswerk Kreuzberg in Berlin and trained more than 50 diverse journalists. Furthermore we train NGOs, we’re supporting them to place their messages in the media and to professionalize their public relations.

Handbook Germany

handbookgermany.de is an information platform from the community, for the community. Newcomers, refugees and even people who have lived in Germany for a long time can find useful texts, videos and links in seven languages: Arabic, Farsi, German, Pashto, French, Turkish and English. Our multilingual editorial team bundles existing information, publishes it on handbookgermany.de and also shares it regularly on social media.

No Hate Speech Movement

The movement is a campaign of the Council of Europe to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech on the internet. We have been asked to coordinate the campaign in Germany by supplying background information, revealing ways to counter hate speech and offering assistance to affected parties. Find more on: no-hate-speech.de

Have we sparked your interest?

Then join us! We are a large active group with over 250 members and a network of more than 1.200 colleagues from all over Germany. Find out ways in which you can support our work or become part of a local network. Sign up for our German language newsletter or download our membership form here.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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